About the Bling Sisters

With metal and minerals in their genetic memories, it is no surprise that these sisters are fascinated by jewelry. Their love of jewelry, gemstones, and metals has now moved them into a different sphere-this time as jewelry designers and creators.

Their chosen media go from the traditional precious metals of gold and silver, to the affordable vermeil, and even to the more fashion-forward stainless steel. Or, they opt not to work with metals, and select leather, ribbon, silk cord, or even rubber. They prefer "real" rather than fake, and wherever possible, select precious and semi-precious gemstones, minerals, but occasionally utilize crystals and glass.

Their designs range from the traditional to the contemporary. Their focus is to provide affordable elegance. They have items for all budgets, and enjoy creating true, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry pieces as well as creating "real" jewelry at costume jewelry prices.


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